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Both Rats and Mice are a common infestation problem. They occur in both homes and business premises and are a particular nuisance and health and safety risk.

Along with their annoying scratching and gnawing, both rats and mice are incontinent and can leave up to 70 droppings, around the home or business, per day as well as un-noticeable urine trails. This can lead to the spread of diseases such as salmonella food poisoning and meningitis as well as tapeworms and ringworm.
Rats and Mice are nocturnal animals so even if you think you hear their scratching you might not see them during the day. If you suspect you may have a rodent problem it is always advisory to call the professionals to deal with it.

A101 pest Control Services can inspect your premises and advise on correct methods to aid in the eradiction of the pest. We can also offer preventative services to help stop them returning and damaging your property.

Our uniformed, professional and friendly, technicians will always advise you of the most effective methods of eradication and prevention, and if you prefer they arrive at your premises 'discreetly' that's not a problem.
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