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Pest Control in Bradford, West Yorkshire
Mice & Rat Control.

Both Rats and Mice are a common infestation problem. They occur in both homes and business premises and are a particular nuisance and health and safety risk.
Along with their annoying scratching and gnawing, both rats and mice are incontinent and can leave up to 70 droppings, around the home or business, per day as well as un-noticeable urine trails. This can lead to the spread of diseases such as salmonella food poisoning and meningitis as well as tapeworms and ringworm.
Rats and Mice are nocturnal animals so even if you think you hear their scratching you might not see them during the day. If you suspect you may have a rodent problem it is always advisory to call the professionals to deal with it.
A101 pest Control Services can inspect your premises and advise on correct methods to aid in the eradication of the pest. We can also offer preventative services to help stop them returning and damaging your property.
Our uniformed, professional and friendly, technicians will always advise you of the most effective methods of eradication and prevention, and if you prefer they arrive at your premises 'discreetly' that's not a problem
Wasps & Insects

Wasp Nest Removal
Some of the more common pests that get into your home or business are Wasps and Insects, in general most people see them as an annoyance, more so when only one or two are seen.

When common insect and bugs take residence in your home or business premises they become a pest and can even be classed as dangerous, especially when Wasps or Hornets nest in your building.
A101 Pest Control technicians provide an A1 service in all areas of Pest Control and can help rid you of any annoyance or infestation. Treating pests such as Wasps, Hornets Ants and Insects correctly means they are less likely to return in the near future. Our services cover Wasp Control, Wasp Nest removal and Insect control for residential and business customers in Bradford and around West Yorkshire.

As well as being unsightly, an infestation of Wasps or Insects can be dangerous with some spreading disease. Our Pest Control technicians will, at all times, advise you on all aspects of work to be carried out in the event of a wasp nest requiring removal, ensuring a safe and efficient wasp nest removal service.

Wasps nest removal and treatment in Bradford, West Yorkshire

cockroach and bedbug controlCockroach & Bedbug Control


The two most common cockroach pests in the UK are the German and Oriental cockroach, weighing in at 1.5 cm and 2.5cm in length. Cockroaches live and survive in favourable conditions where food debris and dirt are apparent.
The key to eradication and prevention is good hygiene practices and effective pest control treatment (in the case of a present infestation)
A101 Pest Control Services offer an affordable and effective pest control treatment service in the eradication of unwanted cockroaches and pests. If a cockroach treatment process is not carried out effectively and professionally you will see a return of the infestation. Females roaches can survive for up to one year in ideal favourable conditions, hatching between 300 - 400 eggs in their short lifetime, so getting rid of every last cockroach is extremely important.
Here at A101 Pest Control we don't just treat the issue, we also monitor to enure the cockroach problem is gone.
If you are in need of an effective treatment for a cockroach problem in an around West Yorkshire then please give us a call, we are always happy to assist.

Bedbugs & Tics
Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are small, wingless, flat insects that are 1-7 mm in length, about the size of a tick.  Initially they are clear and as they get older they become darker in color.  Bedbugs feed on the blood of people and animals and are most active at night.  Therefore, when looking for evidence of a bed bug infestation it is best to concentrate on areas in and around the bed or sleeping areas.  However, as bed bug populations increase they may migrate to adjacent areas or to nearby rooms through small holes in the wall.
Bed bugs usually stay within 8 feet ofwhere people sleep, however, they can travel over 100 feet in a night. Bed bugs have also been known to feed on mammals (cats, dogs, birds, etc) if you think you may have bed bugs  call  for help and advice on 01274 925 943

Bird & Squirrels

Feral Pigeon Control
Although both birds and squirrels can seem to some people harmless, when they get into your home in mass they are a pest and nuisance. Large amounts of birds like feral pigeons can leave a large amount of droppings which can spread diseases such  listeriosis, cryptococcis and aspergillosis. In large amounts, feral pigeons feces can erode stonework and tar roofing causing costly structural damage, as well as their nesting material and feathers that can block drainage and guttering.. All together they can be an expensive pest which should be dealt with professionally and safely.

A101 Pest Control technicians can professionally rid you of theses pests and secure your home or business premises to stop them returning. Call us on 01274 925 943 for more information on feral pigeon infestation.
We can also help in the cleanup of bird mess in a hygienic and safe way too, reduce any risk of disease spreading.

Grey Squirrel.
The grey squirrel was introduced in to the UK from America between 1876-1930.  Grey squirrels can cause serious damage through their chewing and biting of cables, building structures and other building materials such as insulation during their search for food or nesting materials,
Grey squirrels can inhabit your loft or roof space and may be mistaken for rats or mice with their scratching and gnawing. If you suspect either of these problems it is advised to call for professional help to investigate as squirrels can bite and severely scratch when confronted or cornered
A101 Pest Control services can deal with these problems safely and effectively using methods outlined by Law. Our professional technicians will treat and advise on how to keep them away, inspecting your home or business premises thoroughly and securing any access routes.

Mice and Rat Control services in Bradford, West Yorkshire
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