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Although both birds and squirrels can seem to some people harmless, when they get into your home in mass they are a pest and nuisance. Large amounts of birds like feral pigeons can leave a large amount of droppings which can spread diseases such  listeriosis, cryptococcis and aspergillosis. In large amounts, feral pigeons faeces can erode stonework and tar roofing causing costly structural damage, as well as their nesting material and feathers that can block drainage and guttering.. All together they can be an expensive pest which should be dealt with professionally and safely.

A101 Pest Control technicians can professionally rid you of theses pests and secure your home or business premises to stop them returning. Call us on 01274 925 943 for more information on feral pigeon infestation.
We can also help in the cleanup of bird mess in a hygienic and safe way too, reduce any risk of disease spreading.
The grey squirrel was introduced in to the UK from America between 1876-1930.  Grey squirrels can cause serious damage through their chewing and biting of cables, building structures and other building materials such as insulation during their search for food or nesting materials,
Grey squirrels can inhabit your loft or roof space and may be mistaken for rats or mice with their scratching and gnawing. If you suspect either of these problems it is advised to call for professional help to investigate as squirrels can bite and severely scratch when confronted or cornered
A101 Pest Control services can deal with these problems safely and effectively using methods outlined by Law. Our professional technicians will treat and advise on how to keep them away, inspecting your home or business premises thoroughly and securing any access routes.
Pest Control Bradford West Yorkshire
Bird and Squirrel removal in Bradford and West Yorkshire
Bird and Squirrel control services in Bradford and West Yorkshire
Pest Control Services Bradford, West Yorkshire
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